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Wood Working

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Make a Scrooge Holiday Stocking

December 14, 2013 By: admin Category: Christmas, Holiday

Scrooge in stockingPainting and cutting outline pattern for Scrooge Christmas pattern

Make a Scrooge Christmas stocking from cardboard or 1/8″ wood. Create a fun ornament for the whimsy side of the season. Use the painting outline as a guide and finish off with acrylic paints. outline Scrooge Christmas pattern

Carriage & Horse Coat Plaque

November 09, 2013 By: admin Category: Holiday

Horse and carriage scroll saw pattern. Add brass hooks.

Cut from poplar wood or pine 3/4″


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outline pattern horses and carriage country scroll pattern

coat rack pattern

Low cost way to get started with scroll saw hobby

November 01, 2013 By: admin Category: A Power Tool Review, Holiday

This 16″ Scroll Saw by Central machinery earns a high 5 star review. It is under $100 and is a great value. Now is the time to start that wood hobby you have always dreamed of. With many free saw patterns available on the web, you can start creating wood gifts today.

Don’t wait till the holidays are already here. Start your gift list and test out your creative skills with wood working. Available from Amazon, it scores high in customer satisfaction reviews. This scroll saw comes shipped by UPS. The size is is 3 ft long by 2 ft wide by 2 ft tall and ready to use right out of the box. Read more :


Super Fast to Make Ghost and Baby for Halloween Project fun

October 07, 2013 By: admin Category: Halloween, Holiday

ghost pattern
Unusual Halloween design that fits on the top corner of a window or a door. Use thin luan birch wood or thick card board for this fun Halloween craft. Click on the pattern outline and print onto paper. On the back of the outline, tape or use glue stick to adhere the pattern to the wood or other chosen surface. Use acrylic paints and follow the color art outline to make your own spooky Ghost and Hanging Ghost Baby.


Click for more unique Halloween craft idease…

Ghost pattern pulling Baby Ghost in Pumpkin Wagon Crafts

October 02, 2013 By: admin Category: Halloween

More Halloween patterns for crafting this Fall:

Ghost outline craft pattern

ghost craft pattern

Full color image of Ghost pulling baby ghost

ghost with Ghost baby & pumpkins craft project idea.

Dancing Halloween Cat, Witch and Crow patterns to make

July 09, 2013 By: admin Category: Animals, Halloween

Bird on a stump patternBird on perch outlineDancing Witch and Cat outline pattern

Halloween party dancing craft

outqqTwo cats dancing in the night outline project pattern

two cats dancing outline

Halloween spooky outline crafts to create

July 09, 2013 By: admin Category: Halloween

Halloween ghost outlinesHalloween ghost patterns

Craft a sitting cat with a friendly spider project

July 09, 2013 By: admin Category: Animals

Sitting Cat & Spidersitting cat


Summer Time Scroll Saw Patterns

June 12, 2013 By: admin Category: summer

Scroll saw wood projects are fun when you cut interesting warm summer scenes. Create a playful cutout and make into a key rack or jewelry holder for the beach house. Trace the summer outline on wood and fill in with a favorite color acrylic paint.

bikea Cut small wood magnets for the fridge or ornaments for the tree. Write with a fine tip Sharpie marker on the front to remember your favorite vacation getaways.

Children on beach Pattern

kids playing on beach patternSummertime Volley Ball game pattern

Playing volleyball pattern

Sandcastle craft pattern


Bicycle saw pattern


More summer patterns this way!

Santa Claus ornament craft project

November 28, 2012 By: admin Category: Holiday

Santa Claus wood craft to make to make -find a scrap of wood.
If you had a log that was three or 4 inches in diameter, you could slice a half-inch piece off with a band saw or other type of saw. You can also purchase blank slices of wood with the bark still on it. For the image see the end of the post where a Victorian old-style scene is provided.
Right-click in out so you can glue it onto the blank would.
You can adhere the image using a decoupage application or try this mess free way to make the Christmas craft projects.St. Nick and toys ornament to make
You will need a piece of clear contact brands paper. Frosted clear will also work as well. Peel off the backing of the contact paper in press it on to the Christmas print that you have.Victorian scene Christmas ornament to make

Now cut out the scene to fit the wood. On the back of the paper image you want to spread some white glue such as Elmer’s. Smooth picture on the wood making sure to get out all the bubbles. Let dry. The hanger you’ll want to put a hole in the top of the wood. Start a hole by banging a small nail in the top. Use the tip of the scissors to widen the hole with the hangar will go.

once you have the whole made at the top of the ornament, place a drop of Elmer’s glue in. Insert a piece of ribbon or a gold or silver elastic hanger.

Christmas craft to make

Blank wood ornaments

Package of 24 Unfinished Round Wood Christmas Ornaments – Ready to Be Painted and Decorated

Decoupage Glue for crafting projects

DecoArt 16-Ounce Decoupage Glue, Gloss Finish

Christmas Victorian Images to print

How to make a craft scroll pattern with your camera or iphone

Make a Scrooge Christmas ornament