Make a bunny puzzle ~ Scroll saw or laser cut

INSTRUCTIONS: See below for image 

1) Click on color picture and print the bunny puzzle image. The quality is good enough for a nice mini puzzle.

2) Print out the template  design on the right to use as a guide for for the puzzle lines. Glue the picture image on a piece of thin birch or 1/2″ wood. Use a white glue such as Elmer’s. Spread out a thin layer of glue and be sure to carefully smooth out all the bubbles.Once the glue on the image has dried place the lite puzzle design of lines over the print and adhere it by carefully using masking tape to hold it in place /be careful not to tear the print. One you have cut out the puzzle pieces -you can now lightly sand each individual piece with a paper nail file. After this step you can lightly coat the puzzle pieces with layer of water based satin varnish for protection. 

Free bunny clip art for making scroll saw or laser cut puzzle

1. Right clip image and print onto card stock paper.
2. Glue using Elmer's white glue both the back of the    paper and the wood surface.
3. Adhere the image to the wood
4. Let dry
5. Lightly tape the puzzle design (around the edges) on top of the  glued clip art then cut out puzzle lines.